Reward Charts for Kids

Of course we all love our kids. We love it when we can spend quality, stress free time with them…. However there are those times (be honest now, we’ve all been there!) when it seems all we do with our kids is argue, bicker and nag.
Who wouldn’t get tired of this on-going negative cycle, where you react to your child’s bad behavior, they react to your reaction, and the cycle continues (tiring isn’t it!)….
Well, we may have something that could be of interest to you… Something that can help break this negative cycle and help achieve a positive change to your child’s behaviour.

Kids Reward Charts

...Fun, interactive, fully-inclusive, and highly effective reward charts for children that are a fantastic way to encourage new behaviours, change habits, shape good behaviours, introduce healthy habits, set goals, and build on the valuable life-lesson of delayed gratification.

Kids Reward Coins

Why not let your kids EARN their rewards.
With our token economy system of “Contract > Coins > Rewards” your kids get to be in control of their outcomes.
Just one more well-established and child behaviour tool that you can add to your arsenal...